Advocacy Program

Often when an individual leaves treatment they need more support and guidance than a sober living or intensive outpatient program offers. Navigating a newly found lifestyle does not come without its challenges. Individuals frequently struggle to find a therapist, learn how to manage their medication, find proper support groups, build a resume, and find employment. Those are just a few of the challenges that may arise with someone in early recovery. Having an advocate to guide and support you through
these challenges is often the key to maintaining and strengthening one’s recovery.

Sunlight Sober Living offers a comprehensive advocacy program to help individuals navigate the challenges of early recovery that are not addressed in the standard sober living model. When enrolled, we pair you with one of our experienced advocates that will work with you to create a personized plan that we will help you implement. When enrolled in Sunlight Sober Living’s advocacy program, we are there with you every step of the way to conquer the challenges that arise.

Everyone’s needs and goals are unique and therefore we offer three different levels of support. Finding the right level of support is often a struggle and may change as time goes on. Since the necessary support someone needs fluctuates, we allow individuals move up on down monthly depending on current needs.

  • Silver – Three hours per week working one on one with an advocate.
  • Gold – Four hours per week working one on one with an advocate.
  • Platinum – Five hours per week working one on one with an advocate.

Regardless of the level of advocacy program an individual your advocate will be available for emergency phone calls and texts for when major issues arise outside of scheduled sessions. Family involvement is almost always crucial as well which is why we include weekly progress updates at all levels of advocacy. We want to be here with you every step of the way to ensure long lasting sustainable recovery.