Sober Living- Austin Style

Everything you’ve heard about Austin is true!  An incredible art scene, live entertainment, inspiring outdoor settings and the food is amazing!  With more than 250 music and art venues, you can create an exciting new soundtrack for your life – Austin is renowned as the live music capital of the world!  Enjoy great food, experience a different culture and become an integral part of this thriving, fun community.

Tunes, Tours, and Good Times - At a Glance

Austin IS Weird

Austin’s unofficial slogan, “Keep Austin Weird,” was coined by Red Wassenich’s, a now well-known Austinite and Librarian at Austin Community College. First uttered on a local radio station in 2000, it became a battle cry for old-timers and others who wanted to keep Austin’s uniqueness. Slapped onto bumper stickers and T-shirts almost instantaneously, the slogan spread in support of local businesses and the city’s fierce individuality against “corporate America”.

Austin Escapades

Austin may be dubbed the Live Music Capital of the World, but that’s just the beginning. Austin is also home to world-class museums, beautiful outdoor spaces and unique attractions.

Austin IS Music

No matter where you roam throughout Austin, you’ll find yourself entertained by live music. Don’t be surprised if you immediately hear live music as you deplane at Austin’s airport, because music takes many forms in Austin and the airport entertainment is just the beginning.

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