Our Program

At Sunlight Sober Living we pride ourselves not only on our high-end amenities, but also our house policies that ensure a level of structure conducive to creating a solid foundation for sobriety. Our amenities are as follows:

  • Memory-foam mattresses
  • 55″ flat-screen TVs
  • High-speed internet and cable
  • All bedding supplies included with rent (sheets, pillows, comforter, etc)
  • All cleaning supplies included with rent (paper towels, toilet paper, broom/mop, etc)
  • All kitchenware and appliances included (plates, silverware, microwave, etc)
  • Weekly house meetings
  • Monthly house cookouts/pizza parties
  • 12-step meetings in-house
  • Meditation meetings in-house
  • Musical instruments available
  • And much more!

Our Policies

  • Mandatory attendance of four 12-step meetings per week or equivalent, including therapy, church, meditation, etc
  • Midnight curfew
  • Mandatory daily and weekly chores
  • Bi-weekly random drug tests, as well as use of breathalyzers and mouth swabs
  • Maintain a kind and welcoming attitude toward all fellow residents
  • Residents must obtain employment, attend school, or have consistent volunteer work within 30 days of residence
  • Residents must be awake and ready to start their day at a reasonable hour
  • Residents must be willing to ask for help
  • Residents must be willing to help others
  • Relapse/fighting/stealing are grounds for immediate dismissal from Sunlight Sober Living