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Adams McDavid

McDavid oversees the daily operations at Sunlight Sober Living’s facility.  This includes training new managers and staff members, as well as counseling the men in the house, helping them find jobs and coordinating transportation.  McDavid will also focus on introducing the men to new, sober contacts and associates within the Austin community and to be of service to tenants of the house in any way he can to create a productive environment and ensure a positive experience.

For 15 years McDavid has worked exclusively serving the needs of those less fortunate. He began first with several years of service working with adults with physical and mental handicaps – providing all forms of care and treatment in their daily lives. McDavid has also worked in residential facilities for abused children, as well as other types of treatment facilities. He recently managed a number of sober living houses for several years before launching Sunlight Sober living. First and foremost, McDavid has a servant’s heart and it provides great oversight and guidance to his work, no matter what form it takes.

McDavid was born in Oxford, Mississippi, where his personal issues with addiction and alcoholism first arose. He has family members and friends who have addiction issues and he is no stranger to the terrible price paid when a person cannot learn to stay sober and learn to live a different, sober life. Like many who choose to guide others to a sober life, McDavid is in recovery himself.  In the past he has lived and learned in treatment centers and sober living communities. From his personal experiences he has learned to understand the disease that afflicts so many.

It has become McDavid’s passion to help others through Sunlight Sober Living.  The environment the Sunlight community affords will be different in that achieving sobriety is only part of the solution…learning how to live a happy and joyous life also must be learned.


Robert McCaslin

Robert oversees all financial and marketing duties of Sunlight Sober Living. Robert also works with clients to help them achieve and maintain financial independence and stability. This is very important to Robert because he believes that when someone who is newly sober achieves financial independence and stability that they are given a sense of pride and freedom giving them additional tools for success to utilize when they move on to the next phase of their life.

Robert struggled with addiction from an early age, but it came truly apparent to his friends and family while he was attending the University of Denver. His journey to sobriety started at the age of 21, although he did not grasp it until the age of 24. It was through the community and camaraderie he found in the Austin Recovery Scene that Robert was able to maintain his sobriety. Robert started Sunlight Sober Living with Adams because he wanted to give others the environment for success in sobriety.

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