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We are a premier sober home in Austin, Texas, dedicated to empowering individuals on their journey to lasting recovery.

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About Us

Sunlight Sober Living is a beacon of hope and transformation, offering men an empowering path to recovery in the heart of Austin, Texas. Our serene and supportive facility serves as a safe haven for individuals seeking to rebuild their lives after battling addiction. With a dedicated team, we prioritize holistic care and empowerment. Through camaraderie and accountability among peers, our men’s sober living house fosters an environment of growth and healing. Let us guide you on this transformative journey to lasting sobriety and a brighter future.


"After chronic relapsing at other sober homes, I was finally able to stay sober at Sunlight Sober Living (I just hit 18 months!). The house is BEAUTIFUL and the owners are responsive & very supportive. The community of guys living at Sunlight attend meetings together and take their recovery seriously. It’s easy to commute via bus to/from downtown. Sunlight Sober Living is one of the best sober living houses in Austin hands down!"
Jay D.
"I’d had such a pleasant experience at Sunlight Sober Living I would recommend it to anyone needing a sober house that truly cares. The owner and manger were amazing and helped me so much , My overall stay was amazing and it really made a difference in my life."
Eric A.
"Great business ran with care and a desire to see people succeed over anything else. The staff are extremely helpful, friendly, and down to earth. The home itself is very comfortable and enjoyable to live in. Cannot recommend it enough! A great place for anyone who is ready to take the next step toward sobriety with all the qualities that make it an easy, enjoyable transition."
Jimmy R.

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