Sunlight Sober Living

Austin, Texas

Our Home

Sunlight Sober Living is a sober living company offering a wholesome sanctuary for men in early recovery. It is a place for them to blossom and grow in their new lives. We offer a wide range of services as well as referrals to help any of our client’s needs. We make it our job to ensure the success of our clients in all their endeavors.

Our mission at Sunlight Sober Living is to cultivate a welcoming environment for residents to grow and thrive during recovery. We provide our clients with the tools and foundation to begin new and more fulfilling lives. We’ve taken what we’ve learned from our personal experiences with early recovery sober living and created the ideal starting point for all of the Sunlight Sober Living family.


Our residents are required to maintain a consistent schedule of meetings each week so they might totally integrate into our recovery community. We support and encourage one another to find real meaning in our lives.  Attendance at daily 12 step meeting is critical for any alcoholic or addict during recovery.  In addition, we work diligently to integrate our residents into the Austin community.  Residents are required to “get involved” in Austin.  From finding a job and a good gym to advancing their education or volunteering with “good works” in the city, we help make this transition happen as seamlessly as possible.  Cultivating a new life is a process.  At Sunlight Sober Living, we realize that all phases of our residents’ lives must be taken into account.